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The Largest Indoor Inflatable Park in the WORLD!


Colorado's Latest Attraction and Amusement Park

Coming Soon in Early 2023
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A Magnificent Theme Park in Colorado

 Bounce Empire is a revolutionary amusement park in Colorado filled with exotic adventures, mind-blowing decor and spectacular fun. Located in the heart of Lafayette, it gives a new and bold experience to kids and adults alike. Construction is almost finished. Some of the key features are:

Look at how small that man is! These Inflatables are ENOURMOUS!

Amusement Park in Colorado

Two WORLD CLASS Movie Rooms! One Inflatable Room for Kids and Another Luxurious Theatre for Adults

Uniquely Delightful “fast food” that is anything but unhealthy. The Menu is Crafted by Elite Master Chef Jorge Pedrianes who was Trained by an Award-Winning Michelin Star Recipient.

Lafayette, Colorado Restaurant

A Luxurious VIP Adult-Only Lounge with the Legendary Bar…Rubbish

Plus ENDLESS more!

Breathtaking art pieces from around the world

Inflatable Tube Decoration System for a spectacular show

6 spacious and fully equipped party rooms

FREE medical-grade massage chairs that pamper the entire body

Outdoor Balcony with an exceptional view of the Rocky Mountains

New RFID bracelet technology used for hands-free enjoyment

Free secured lockers and cubbies

The incredible Sysiphus Moving Marble Coffee Table

Reserved seating for the best spots in the Lounge

Dedicated safety staff and personnel coaches for help in any situation

Athletic wear designed for maximum speed and protection in inflatables

5-star customer service from our elite team

Cash Chamber lottery winner for anyone in the facility every 15 minutes to one hour

Custom Card game to maximize social gathering time with laughs and enjoyment

Supreme audio system with noise canceling abilities for the highest quality music.

And the entertainment does not stop there!…. It is a can’t miss experience

What will you do in the Legendary adventure park?

Bounce Empire has experiences for all family members. Tackle the forbidden temple or compete on the largest inflatable obstacle course through a timed run.  Dive into the raptor’s mouth as the slide propels you through the air at tremendous speeds. Explore the magic of the Millennium Falcon as it conquers evil throughout the galaxy. The adventures are endless if you are courageous enough.

The Largest Indoor Playground

Just a short drive from downtown Denver, Bounce Empire is the perfect playground for adults and kids alike. Get out of the blazing sun and miserable snow, and come to play where the environment is always magical. After you enjoy the attractions at the newest amusement park in Colorado, get a delicious meal at the top restaurant in Lafayette. This resort has it all.

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