A Titan Is All-In


james hay-arthur is one eccentric man. you’re likely to see him driving around in his monstrous, bulletproof black tank ussv rhino, or courtside at a nuggets game yelling at the opposing team. james’s professional life began by risking everything to start a financial company after he discovered an incredible injustice many consumers were facing. armed with nothing but a computer, a phone, and barely a penny to his name, james got to work in his tiny basement. fast forward sixteen years and this company is now worth over 100-million-dollars. more importantly, they have changed thousands of lives by helping people become homeowners and benefit from such a lucrative housing market.
this may sound like an astronomical feat in of itself but, obviously, james couldn’t stop there. while running his company, he also built what might be the world’s most entertaining mansion. the residence is a goliath, 60,000+ square foot compound with an immense selection of activities. a four-story slide, shooting range, tennis, squash, badminton, and volleyball courts, bowling alley, rock climbing, vast bar, state-of-the-art movie theater, gym, aquarium, and a swimming pool of foam are just some of the exciting features. the house has no wasted space and with only 7 bedrooms, every square inch is built for entertainment and thrills.
Now, after selling off most of his company, James is once again putting everything on the line for his new brainchild. With his wealth of business knowledge, experience, and unique gift for creative design, he is intent on creating the most mind-boggling indoor amusement park the world has ever seen. No expense has been spared and no dollar has been wasted. Millions upon millions are invested in making this, what James believes to be, the perfect place to have a monumental time.
The final result will be known as Bounce Empire. As the largest indoor inflatable park in the world, Bounce Empire will not only be known for its over FORTY ridiculous inflatables, but for the countless epic experiences that so many other businesses fail to provide. Hair-raising, three-story slides and monumental obstacle courses are just a few of the unforgettable encounters. You can also choose to sit around a peaceful firepit overlooking the mountains and dine on the finest cuisine. Or choose to sit inside at the one-of-kind, VIP adult lounge and watch the kids play on the inflatables. The restaurant is overseen by a master chef who was trained in the trenches by multiple Michelin star chefs (you will find no microwaved hotdogs or pizza here). The luxurious, adult VIP lounge will feature a full bar and relaxing atmosphere accented with hypnotizing kinetic artwork. To top it all off, artists from around the world have been flown in to create the spectacular atmosphere within the facility. Not the least of which includes the artist who designed the key performances highlighting Colorado’s Global Dance Festival.

Bounce Empire has everything. There will be a massive 160-inch movie screen that can host any of your favorite sporting events. Multiple inflatable party screens can celebrate every special occasion and even hosting corporate events will be possible with state-of-the-art projector rooms. In a rare turn of events, many attractive features are available at no additional cost. The world’s most advanced massage chairs, high-tech locker and payment systems, and one-of-a-kind movie theaters are just a few of the perks every client will have access to. At the end of the day, it’s impossible for this writer to accurately describe majesty of this new venture. The unique features, new technology, and attention to detail can only be experienced first-hand. This might be James’s final act; his grand legacy cannot be missed.

Bounce Empire, located in beautiful Lafayette Colorado, is scheduled to complete construction by December 2022. The grand opening will be in Early 2023. Reservations are already pouring in, so act now to avoid getting waitlisted. Check it out at BounceEmpire.com