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Bounce Empire Attractions

Obstacle Courses

With over 1000 feet in heart pounding obstacle courses, you will be at the mercy of whatever land you step into. Escape the famous Alcatraz prison or delve into the jungle in the forbidden temple. These obstacle courses tower over the facility with an average height of 20 feet.

Bounce Empire Attractions

Monster Slides

Come fly down our massive slides at over 30 miles per hour! These monstrosities are not for the faint of heart but come with a ride you will not forget. Our facility has 12 epic slides with the tallest being the Kraken at 27 feet.

Cubs Area

For the little ones who are not quite ready for the adult thrills, we have a dedicated area just for you. Crawl through the circus train or bounce on the Monster Truck Combo. Our facility has entire playgrounds of inflatables just for your enjoyment and learning. Bring all your pack and schedule a party here.

Play All Day

With over 21 large and engaging games, Bounce Empire has it all. Come put around the 9 hole golf course to relax or prepare for battle by honing your Viking axe-throwing skills. Show your siblings that your soccer shot is a bullseye with our 21-foot-high soccer darts or dominate the electrifying drums.

Win Some Money!

Every 15  minutes to 1 hour, a random lucky guest in the facility will be called to enter the cash chamber. Have the money rain down upon you as you snatch at the dollars with your mongoose reactions.

Kids Movie Theatre

Our lower level offers a unique experience for adults and kids alike. Jump up on an inflatable sofa and enjoy one of our kid friendly classics films on a supersized inflatable screen. Movies continuously rotate so you can come and go as you please.

Adult Movie Theatre

Immerse yourself in our adult movie theatre room equipped with all the technology to blow your socks off. We are constantly playing the biggest games, best fights, and epic movies. Grab a drink at Rubbish and come on over.

Rubbish Lounge

Come experience a true VIP lounge. Rubbish has an amazing bar with a unique selection of delicious drinks. It has incredible decor that is truly mesmerizing and a fabulous view of the mountains and play facility below. The Rubbish Lounge also features 3 medical grade massage chairs for no cost. Need some entertainment? Grab a pack of Rubbish Options and play with your friends. It’s hilarious. 

And Many More!