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jorge pedrianes

Bounce Empire Resident Chef

Bounce Empire welcomes renowned chef as culinary director to upend the industry. Jorge Pedrianes is a top US chef and has thrown in his white cap to join Bounce Empire. He is creating a new restaurant experience exclusively for Bounce Empire. We are excited to present his culinary transformations to your palate.

The Bison Bistro offers a great dining experience for parents, providing delicious meals in a fun and relaxing environment. Kids also benefit from this dining choice, as they can enjoy a healthy meal from a great kids menu and also have the opportunity to play before and after their meal. We use brand new tech to minimize staff, so we pass the savings straight through to our guests.

Additionally, Bounce Empire offers various entertaining spaces for visitors to enjoy their meals. Whether it’s the Seaside kids theater, the Alpine Terrace outside the Rubbish Bar or in the Bison Bistro , guests have the freedom to choose where they want to dine. This variety of options ensures that guests can have a unique and enjoyable experience every time you visit Bison Bistro inside Bounce Empire.

With our combination of tasty food, a family-friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity for kids to have a blast, the Bison Bistro is a perfect choice for all meals, but especially dinner time with the family.