Bounce Empire The Largest Indoor Inflatable Park

Thanks to a little healthy competition, countries around the world are always vying to be the biggest and best. The USA claims another victory in March 2023 with the opening of Bounce Empire. Bounce Empire will be the largest indoor inflatable park in the world. By featuring over 35,000 square feet of indoor inflatable fun, it snags the top spot from We Are Vertigo in Northern Ireland (30,000SF) and Big Fun Inflatable Park in Alberta, Canada (30,000SF). Bounce Empire has over 50 incredible inflatable attractions that will endlessly entertain people of all ages. A full restaurant, specialty bar, and an adult lounge top off the fun-filled experience for the whole family.
This new generation of inflatable parks is not only bigger than ever before, but they have additional features that cannot help but awaken the inner child within us all. “The Spooky Mansion” is one of the over-the-top attractions featured at Bounce Empire. At 26’ tall, this immense inflatable is especially designed for the daredevils in your family. You will crawl through a haunted house, past zombies, and up to one of three different slides on this 3-story adventure. The slide from the top floor to the ground is exhilarating as you move up to 30 miles per hour, only to softly land on the bouncy inflatable surface below. There are many more exciting attractions for a wide range of ages throughout the facility, giving families no end of variety.

The Largest Indoor Inflatable Park Is Even Better!

“The entire amusement center industry will be upended with the creation of Bounce Empire” said Luke Hay-Arthur, operations manager. “We have had stale trampoline parks, run-down arcades, and small bouncy houses for the past 20 years! The facilities that still do stand have gotten complacent in giving the customer an amazing experience”. Luke and his management team will be relentlessly working to deliver an experience the likes of which you have never seen before. Come check out this awesome amusement park in March 2023.


Bounce Empire is a revolutionary amusement park in Colorado. The largest indoor inflatable park in the country. Adults and kids will have a tremendous thrill on the 50 inflatable amusements. Bounce Empire also features a fabulous sports bar, fun restaurant, massage lounge and two movie epic movie theatre rooms.