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Bounce Empire Welcomes Renowned Chef As Culinary Director

The largest indoor inflatable park in the world welcomes Jorge Pedrianes as Culinary Director. Jorge graduated from the Miami Culinary institute in 2014 and been crushing expectations ever since. Now he plans to upend an entire industry. The amusement industry has been consuming the same genre of food for decades. Cheap and unhealthy dishes that take forever to come out of the kitchen seem to be what families settle for in these facilities. Pizza, hot dogs, and burgers will all be thrown out the window as Jorge plans to bring a deliciously unique food experience to the amusement space. “Cactus is a delicious and healthy food found in the Rocky Mountain region that is completely ignored,” says Jorge. His plans to bring local foods to the table will lure any food-minded soul in for a taste.
It’s not an easy road to for Jorge and his team to travel. Decades of best practices will need to be discarded as he changes the industry one plate at a time. Why has the amusement industry stuck with the common, greasy foods for so long? These dishes are quick, easy, and inexpensive. Most notably, kids will eat them without complaint. Flipping burgers is also an easy skill to teach for companies that cannot retain employees. Most of all, societal expectations have implanted an instinctual need for the known burger and fries. Jorge plans on tackling each of these problems head-on. Hiring and training an exceptional team will be his first priority. “The industry needs to change by paying skilled labor a decent, living wage,” says Jorge. And when that team is assembled, the rest comes down to the details. It is reminiscent of Dave Brailsford in 2003 when he transformed the British cycling team. He was extremely focused on the 1% of improvements that would make a massive difference. He is known for bizarre moves like switching the pillows of his athletes to ensure the best night’s sleep, and relentlessly testing of the best fabric for wind resistance. “That’s the attention to detail that will be applied at Bounce Empire,” says Jorge. And just like coach Brailsford, the competition will be left in the dust.

Inflata Nation

Jorge began his training at Miami Culinary institute with mentors such as James Bread award-winning chef Douglas Rodriguez. He then worked and help grow Ceviche 105 alongside Miami celebrity Chef Juan Chipoco. Following his passion for Peruvian Japanese cuisine, he began to work at Coya Miami Restaurant and Members Club. There Jorge worked as Executive Sous Chef for World Renowned English chef Sanjay Dwivedi. As his ambition for perfection in the kitchen grew, Jorge took on one of his biggest challenges. He joined the Forte di Marmi, South Beach team as Executive line chef for 2-star Mechlin chef Antonio Melino. This will turn out to be one of Jorge’s most challenging jobs yet. Jorge recalls nights when he left crying because of his desire to be better. Jorge was a non-Italian Chef Working in a kitchen with the highest level of Italian chefs amongst him. It took months for the crew to accept Jorge as their leader. Finally, after months of working harder than everyone, perfecting his craft, and managing a group of hardened fine dining Italian cooks, he won the respect of his team. Jorge never expected what happened next.
His first chance at opening and developing a from-scratch, farm-to-table concept, using only local products. Moscongus bay lobster, The anchor restaurant. There Jorge created and still consults, a local friendly and fun day bar and a nightly fine dining experience. His ability to create dishes to keep locals happy and travelers a once-in-a-lifetime Maine experience was well thought out and executed. And now Jorge’s culinary influence is still appreciated in the town of Round Pond. We are excited to see what culinary transformations Jorge has for us here at Bounce Empire. Will the vegan Rocky Mountain Cactus change the way we look at our local ingredients? Or will the Octopus Kraken take you on a culinary experience you were not expecting to find in the Middle of the heartland? Bounce Empire will be opening in early 2023. Press release issued by on 9/15/22

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