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Latest Amusement Park in Colorado, Bounce Empire Begins Construction.

Today, Bounce Empire announces the start of construction on its flagship facility in Lafayette, Colorado. The largest inflatable amusement park in the United States will include over 50 inflatable attractions. “The Alcatraz”, a slide over 26 feet in height, sends the rider down at over 35 miles per hour. “We are really changing the way the world sees inflatables,” says Luke Hay-Arthur, Operations Manager. “Inflatables have always been an attraction for kids under 7, but it’s finally time to show how far the technology has come.” There will be fun games for all ages, including mini-golf, inflatable soccer darts, and Viking ax throws.  Or take a run at one of the largest inflatable obstacle courses in the country. “The Ultimate Wild One” Is 200 feet of inflated obstacle fun.  Guests will be able to test their speed and endurance to make it through faster than their opponent. Bounce Empire is taking on the classic arcade industry with its active experiences. “We live in front of screens all day,” says Luke, “The last thing we need to do is play on another screen on our nights out.” While providing an exhilarating experience, the inflatable attractions are also much safer than many other indoor theme parks.  The soft surfaces ensure hours of active fun for all ages. The industry is extremely proactive in ensuring high quality and safety standards as the inflatable technology blooms.

Incredibly, Bounce Empire is not just about the awe-inspiring amusements.  “We also take care of the adults,” says CEO James Hay-Arthur. The facility will also include a restaurant serving a healthy menu, an adult lounge with medical-grade massage chairs, two highly advanced movie theaters, and a completely unique sports bar.  There is entertainment for everyone. “If you want to come, drop off your kids, and enjoy a cocktail while watching the fun, you will do so in luxury,” says James. This focus on adults has been a driving force for the company since the beginning. Kids can have fun almost anywhere but finding an experience that can be enjoyed by both the kids and their parents is a phenomenal undertaking that Bounce Empire is attacking head-on.  The company looks to take give parents a chance to unwind and have fun, rather than leaving them more exhausted than before.


Construction began in early July and the company is shooting to be open for spring break 2023.

Published in PR Underground on July 2nd, 2022


Latest Amusement Park In Colorado, Bounce Empire Begins Construction?

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