Non-Traditional Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are quickly becoming part of the entertainment landscape. The most common types of games have been throwing games where a participant will toss a ball through a hole or at some cups to win a prize. The same concept has been applied to soccer. But as the technology for inflatables grows, non-traditional games have been exploding in popularity. In this article, we will discuss the latest and greatest games that have reached the market.

Speed Tap Games ​

Inflatable parks became the new look of modern entertainment starting with the first inflatable structure made in 1959 by John Scurlock of Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. He was experimenting with inflatable tennis court covers when he saw that his employees were having a great time jumping on the covers. Mr. Scurlock was a mechanical engineer and had a keen interest in physics. He proceeded to be a pioneer in the development of inflatable structures such as inflatable domes, inflatable tents, and inflatable signs. But his most notable achievement was the invention of the air cushion, which is used by fire and rescue departments worldwide to catch people who jump from buildings or heights.

Sports Arenas ​

The traditional Gladiator duel has been popular for a few years now. Two players stand on a joisting platform with foam rods and attempt to whack the opposing player off. This concept has continued to evolve and now the arenas are truly spectacular. “Air Bots” from Inflatable Depot puts you into a robot suit that continuously blows up. The human transforms into this massive machine that goes into a sumo-style arena against an opponent. The inflatable suits and environment make even a hard landing feel like falling on a fluffy pillow. Another style of arena-inflatables is the sports arenas. Such as the one featured by Inflatable Depot. Equipped with soccer goals, basketball hoops, and volleyball nets, these inflatable arenas bring a new twist to all the original sports. Being able to bounce and dive without consequences is exhilarating and makes for some epic competitions. Plus, I can actually dunk with this boost of compacted air!

New Sports ​

The technology of inflatables has come such a long way when combined with the ingenuity of the human spirit. “9-hole miniature golf” by N-Flatables is a fabulous example of this. The surface is perfectly smooth due to the compact air, it provides a unique twist to the sport. Like all miniature golf courses, it’s not perfectly flat, but that just makes the challenge more enjoyable. On another note, Velcro is being applied to many inflatables to give them a fabulous twist. “Viking axe throw” by N-Flatables allows participants to unleash their inner Viking. Tossing axes at targets without the risk of breaking one’s arm with a deadly blade of death. Another great game is Soccer Darts. Soccer darts takes the game of darts to a whole new level by kicking a ball into a gigantic dart board. It’s a fabulous experience that really tests your ability to control the height of one’s soccer kick rather than just the horizontal direction. The dart board is so enormous, one needs a long pole to knock the soccer ball down!

Games Using Air Puffs​

The last non-traditional games have come into existence using the force of the air to be released in a certain manner. Everyone is familiar with the traditional cash chamber, where money is tossed all about you as you franticly attempt to grab as much as possible. Inflatable Cash chambers like the one seen by N-Flatables use the air from the blower to make a tornado around the person. Add cash to this tornado and the game lasts far longer and with far more enjoyable results. Another game that represents this style is “Air Racer” by Bouncing Angels. Competitors line up to control the flying ball only with the powerful cones of air at their disposal. The winner moves the balls the fastest while maintaining control.

Movement Of Static

These games have made the inflatable industry very competitive with the old arcade style of games. Forcing participants to move and interact with the environment over a screen. All the games and a great many more will be featured at Bounce Empire in Colorado. Come check them out for yourself for an amazing time.