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Places To Go In Colorado

So Many Amazing Options

Colorado is known as a state of great natural beauty, from the immense Rocky Mountains to the sandstone cliffs of Mesa Verde, there are some incredible places to go in Colorado. Whether you are visiting the state or just looking for a great activity in your area this article is for you. As there is so much to do here, I will be limiting myself to my personal top ten to make it a condensed to do list for anyone looking for an adventure.

#10 Denver Aquarium

700 Water St, Denver, CO 80211 Located in northwest Denver the Denver Aquarium boasts a total of 1 million gallons of water housing a wide variety of sea creatures from stingrays to leopard sharks. The entire venue is shrouded in a wonderful atmosphere where you go up the first escalator into a sunken ship with fish all around you, there are even fish located in tanks above your head. Throughout the aquarium you will walk through caves, markets and deep-sea biomes to uncover unique fish from each environment. In one area you get to experience the power of flash flooding and in next you see stingrays clinging to the glass tube while you observe an entire ecosystem around you in every direction. After walking through the exhibits, you get the opportunity to pet baby stingrays and jellyfish and which is just something you can only do at the aquarium. The location also contains a restaurant located around a massive fish tank, allowing you to dine with the fishes if you would, It is truly a unique experience. It takes about two to three hours to walk through the entire showcase and with its cheap ticket costs the aquarium should be an attraction everyone in Colorado should see.

#9 TopGolf Thornton

16011 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80023 Found overlooking the highway the Topgolf located in Thornton Colorado, about twenty minutes north of Denver, can be seen for miles with its towering 175-foot protective nets. While golf is a passion of many, Topgolf cuts out the traditional boring parts of golfing and leaves just fun for everyone of all skill levels. Hit golf balls from one of their assortments of climate-controlled bays into the field in a vast collection of different game modes and types. Across the 3-story hitting range there is plenty of bays for people of all ages and skill levels. TopGolf also as full restaurant and bar service throughout the facility so you can enjoy food and drinks while you golf, or you can sit at the bar and watch sports as a break. In general, this venue is a fairly cheap activity for the entire family especially during non-peak hours when prices are lowered, making it a must have experience.

#8 Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330 Sick of the busy bustle of modern life and are looking for something to connect you back to this state’s roots? Look no further than Mesa Verde National Park, located in the sandstone caves in south eastern Colorado it truly is a sight to behold. Visit the 700-year-old cities of the ancestral pueblo people that are built into the sandstone cliffs that are a staple of southeastern Colorado. Classified as a world heritage site, Mesa Verde National Park protects 26 native pueblos and tribes, and offers visitors a spectacular window into the past like no other. This park is also home to several thousand species of animals and organisms some of which can be found nowhere else on earth. This park is like no other on the planet and is something I believe that everyone must experience. Activities in the park include tours of the cities, hiking, biking, and camping with plenty of amenities such as a visitor center and plenty of nearby food options. This national park is a must visit in Colorado and I would encourage anyone to visit this cultural heritage site, though be careful of the weather and dress appropriately as the heat is no joke.

#7 IFLY Indoor Skydiving – Denver

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving but you just can’t get yourself to jump out of a plane or the cost keeps your dreams grounded? If those or other reasons apply to you then I can’t recommend IFLY more, it is truly an experience that everyone should enjoy. Experience the state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels that take you straight off your feet and into the sky, just like real flying. In your first lesson you will be accompanied by a trained professional flyer to teach you the basics of flying and into your first flight. Though you are experiencing the feeling of flying there are no reasons to doubt your safety, you are safe in protective gear so much that it safe for the entire family. IFLY is more expensive than the others on this list but the minutes of weightlessness that you experience flying tens of feet above your peers in the wind tunnel is an experience that I would recommend to anyone.

#6 Denver Zoo

2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
Another unique sight that cannot be matched in Colorado is that of the spectacle on display at the Denver Zoo. Located on an 84-acre campus near the heart of Denver, 3000+ wild animals surround you and astound with their natural beauty. Walk through dozens of recreated natural habitats varying from deserts, rainforest, taigas, plains, rivers, oceans, savannas, swamps and many more. See animals from all corners of the earth in one place, walking between elephant and rhino enclosures one minute to penguin and manatee’s the next. It is a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere walking through chirping forests while watching monkeys holler as they swing from branch to branch. Learn everything about the animals that we have the honor to share the planet with all at the Denver Zoo. As a bonus the Zoo is owned by the city giving unbelievably low prices, so even if animals are not your jam there is no excuse not to go.
Visit the Denver Zoo’s website here

#5 Horsetooth Reservoir

4314 Shoreline Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526 A personal favorite of mine is Horsetooth Reservoir located a few minutes above my hometown of Fort Collins Colorado and what is there not to love. This beautiful 6.5-mile-long lake has everything that you could ever need, smooth sand beaches for afternoons soaking up the sun to clean fresh water for fishing or swimming. Horsetooth is a motorized city lake being the largest in Larimer County with plenty of room for watersports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding or a large variety of inflatable rafts that can be towed. Weather you have a boat or not the entrance fee is minimal so you can boat, swim, paddleboard or whatever else you could ever want for next to nothing. The lake also boasts a friendly marina to rent boats, get snacks or refill on gas and the lake even offers camping with its own safe no wake zone for swimmers. My favorite part of all is the national park located a few minutes above the lake where you can hike up to the top of the mountain and sit on the famous Horsetooth rock which is named after its iconic shape. The view from above looking over the entirety of Fort Collins from above is truly breathtaking and is something that I would absolutely recommend to anyone. All lakes in Colorado are something that I believe everyone should visit as they are so much an icon of what makes Colorado so wonderful, but above all others Horsetooth holds a special place in my heart

#4 Denver Museum Of Nature And Science

2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205 I know I sound like a broken record here but Denver is home to an insane number of unique and equally spectacular attractions, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is no exception. Right as you walk through the grand entrance you see face to face with a gigantic skeleton of a T-Rex standing imposing above the crowded and that is just the first room. exhibits across the museum vary wildly anywhere from dinosaurs to space exploration but all share a common theme or wonder. Walk through hours of meticulously crafted showcases forcing your mind to wander and learn more about the world around you from prehistoric animals roaming the plains of Colorado to the mumification of the Egyptians and the construction of the pyramids. There are no words to describe the feeling you get from walking from exhibit to exhibit slowly realizing that you are only scratching the surface of the world around you. Watch movies depicting the creation of the earth over the billions of years prior to today and look at prospects for the colonization of other planets. I personally do not enjoy walking through most museums as I find them monotonous but this one takes my breath away every time, I walk through it. The venue also contains a large food court and amenities which is great for everyone of all ages. If you are at all curious about the world around you, I could not recommend the Denver Museum of Nature and science more.

#3 Red Rocks Park And Amphitheater

18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465
Known as one of the most iconic landmarks in Colorado Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is an absolute must visit in Colorado. Built into the mountains about 10 miles west of Denver at an elevation of 6450 feet Red Rocks is scenic venue for live events in Colorado. Housing 9525 seats Red Rocks has everything from concerts to plays to movies, nearly every single day of the year. The sound of the music bouncing off the rocks around you acts as a phenomenal natural amphitheater making the concerts look and sound unbelievable. Red Rocks has been designated as a national historic landmark since 2015 and has undoubtably earned that title, it has been a stage for some of the biggest stars on earth such as the Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, The Samples, Incubus, The Moody Blues, John Tesh, Ricky Lee Jones, Rob Thomas, String Cheese Incident, and many more. If you haven’t had the experience of going to a concert in one of the most Iconic Amphitheaters in the world I would without a doubt add it to your Colorado to do list.
Visit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater website here

#2 Water World

8801 N Pecos St, Federal Heights, CO 80260 Now if none of the others on your list peaked your interest, I nearly guarantee this one will as in my personal opinion it is the most fun activity in Colorado. Water World, also known as one of the biggest waterparks in the world is nothing without its devotion to a good time. Rides interlace across the entire 70-acre park with rides such as journey to the center of the earth where you float through prehistoric dinosaur infested waters or the mile high flyer a state-of-the-art water coaster. The impressive 31 water rides are sure exhaust anyone and with races, coasters, wave pools, and tubes there is near endless variety. Fly down the 4-person toilet bowl revolution, or race down the two 8 person races located across the park, or even plummet down the near free fall peaks speed slides. None of that your style? Float in one of the multiple lazy rivers, there is something for everyone at water world. The food is great, the rides are fantastic, its affordable, and fun for the entire family. If you have never, been you are not making the most of your time in Colorado if you don’t visit this summer.

#1 Bounce Empire

Announced as a state-of-the-art entertainment destination Bounce Empire is bringing inflatables to everyone. Housing over 40 inflatable games, slides and obstacle courses there is no end to the variety of entertainment for the entire family. Over 1000 feet of obstacle courses stretch over the facility with an average height of 20 feet offering heart pounding entertainment in a variety of different sceneries. Fly down slides at over 30 miles an hour down one of the twelve epic slides with the largest being the Kraken at 27 feet tall. None of those your style, play dozens of games such as inflatable 9-hole golf or inflatable soccer or even Viking throwing axes with your friends. The venue has an adult only lounge with the highest quality bar with massage chairs and other attractions. A restaurant will be located inside as well with delicious healthy food and two next generation theaters will be available to show anything from movies to sporting events. Bounce empire seems to be a promising entertainment venue coming to Colorado in March 2023 and I personally can’t wait to visit.
Visit Bounce Empire’s Website here

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Places To Go In Colorado

So Many Amazing Options Colorado is known as a state of great natural beauty, from the immense Rocky Mountains to the sandstone cliffs of Mesa

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