An Amazing Lafayette, Colorado Restaurant

There you are, the time has blurred, obstacle courses, games, epic climbs, and furious slides. Keeping up with that frantic 10-year-old has left you hungry, tired, and ever so thirsty. Our amazing restaurant in Lafayette CO and bar are the epic conclusion to any excursion into Bounce Empire. No expense has been spared in making the food mouthwatering and healthy. Our master chef has been trained by the greatest Michelin star chefs. Our bar is fully equipped and has specialties you will get from nowhere else. From free morning coffee to delectable full-course meals, Bounce Empire doesn’t leave you wanting.

Top Food in Lafayette

If you are searching for a Westminster restaurant or trying to find some delicious food in Broomfield. We are just a short hop away. Our executive chefs are the best in the country, serving up mouthwatering dishes.  We also pride ourselves on amazing service. Come check us out.

Enjoy The Big Game​

Get lost at the big screen while having a drink and munching on those nachos. Bounce Empire features a 162 inch theatre quality screen that will always be showing the big game. The room  has elevated dining options, plush couches and all the technology that money can buy.

The Lounge Of Sophistication

Our adult-only lounge features everything you need for a good time. Come sit in our free full-body massage chairs or become entranced by our magnificent kinetic art sculptures. Watch all the action down below with our state-of-the-art surveillance system or enjoy a cocktail while reading your favorite magazine. Every adult is a VIP at Bounce Empire.

Outdoor Patio

Bounce Empire is fortunate enough to have one of the only rooftop patios for a restaurant in Lafayette, CO. With stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, warm fires, and mouthwatering food, this is a spot you cannot afford to miss.

How It Works​

When you buy food and drink with your wristband, every dollar you spend is credited with 2 minutes off your time. Buy a delicious burrito for $11 and enjoy 22 minutes of time. You can snarf it down (it is that good after all) and go jump into the fray of amusements or relax and talk with your best of friends. No need to rush. Check out our frequently asked questions for more information.

Chef's Mission Statement​

Bounce Kitchen is glad to present a  Chef Driven Menu, Inspired by The Rocky Mountains. When Chef Jorge Pedrianes hikes up and down the different trails of the Rockies, he’s constantly thinking about what forgotten plant or new discovery he can use in our kitchen. Fascinated by all his findings, Jorge, is on a mission to bring the Rockies to your Table. Here in Bounce Empire, every seasonal dish is designed to capture the season with at least one element on The Rockies! Inspired by the abundance of life in the Rockies, Chef Jorge and Bounce Empire will continually develop seasonal dishes inspired by our great landscape. Stay tuned to find out what Bounce Empire is brewing up! Bounce Beer coming soon!!!


Colorado Focused, Gluten Free, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free……But Definitely Not Free