What To Wear To An Amusement Park?

The day has finally come. You and your family have planned, saved the money and now are ready to head to the legendary “Bounce Empire”. As soon as you are about to run out the door, your 8-year-old daughter asks, what should I wear? You look down at your jeans and polo and start putting some thought into the question. What should I wear to the biggest inflatable amusement park in the country?

What Is Your Primary Intent?

Bounce Empire has a wide range of activities to choose from. if you want to get a drink at Rubbish, your favorite sports bar, you are fine coming in whatever clothes you have on. If you intend to play some mini-golf, throw a couple axes and then get a fabulous lunch, some more athletic gear would be nice. A t-shirt, shorts and a dress would be appropriate. But if you want the full Bounce Empire experience, without your wardrobe keeping you down, you need to think strategically.

What Is Your Primary Intent?

If you decide to head down the 26-foot Kraken slide, the one that will keep your heart pounding for 10 minutes after you descend, you need to protect yourself. The Kraken will launch you at 35 miles per hour. Getting your knee to rub against the slide at that speed will leave you with some pain at best, and a burn at worst. We recommend that you wear athletic pants that are as cool as possible. Nylon, polyester, and spandex are your best options. For the women in the family, the same logic applies. Keep everything covered with some nice athletic pants. The top needs to be similar. Cover the shoulders and elbows but use breathable and light fabric. Another option we recommend is bringing Elbow pads and knee pads. This will keep you cool and protect your appendages. It’s a tradeoff.

It Is Just Too Hot

If you are coming to maximize fun at Bounce Empire, you will start sweating. It’s inevitable. You can bring 3 misty fans and wrap yourself in an icepack, but the activity will get to you. The Ultimate Wild One is the largest obstacle course at Bounce Empire and it is over 300 feet of tricky barriers. Inflatable obstacle courses are also particularly intense. Just like running in super-soft sand, the inflatable will absorb your weight and double the effort. This is where it pays to stay the weight of those 7 years old’s, light and carefree. Alas, all this effort will get you hot. Bounce Empire is kept at a cool temperature to help you, but still, sweat is expected. At least it is beneficial to your health. To help you even further, cool clothes are a must. Leave the baggy cotton sweatpants at home. Put the sweaters and coats in your lockers. Light and protected is the goal.


Leave the hats, watches, and jewelry at home or in your lockers. As you will be playing, these are added risks of getting lost, pain points to dig into your body, and potential risks of tearing the inflatable. You will be given a Bounce Empire Bracelet at check-in that will customize your experience. This bracelet is designed to be safe for you and the inflatables. It’s also the only fashion accessory you need at this amusement park in Colorado.


It does not matter what you wear on your feet at Bounce Empire. To get on the activity floor, all footwear will need to be removed and your Bounce Empire Socks will need to be worn. These socks have incredibly sticky bottoms to give you as much traction as possible. You will probably feel like spiderman after wearing them as you walk up walls, but don’t worry, you didn’t get bit by a spider. As you eat at our fun restaurant, watch movies in the movie theatres, go to the bathroom or celebrate birthday parties, you will have full access to your personal footwear. No need to put much thought into this one.

Worst Case Scenario

If you are like me, you are too busy juggling your 3 toddlers to even consider your clothing decisions. You are just lucky to get on the road. The fact that you have one shoe on, your favorite tank top, and bike shorts is no big deal. We sell all the ideal clothes which you can grab at check-in. We know how crazy life can be. But we got you covered.